Inflation and delays could add billions more to bullet train costs

High speed rail constructionThe California bullet train project has cost state taxpayers an average $3.1 million a day over the last year — a construction spending rate higher than that for the Bay Bridge, Boston’s Big Dig or any U.S. transportation project in recent history

But still it’s not enough, planners say.

In order to hit its 2033 deadline and $77-billion budget, the California High Speed Rail Authority will have to increase daily spending by up to nine times over the next four years or risk putting the already-delayed system further behind.

Russell Fong, the authority’s chief financial officer, acknowledges the goals will be difficult to achieve. …

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  1. surprise surprise surprise – Gomer Pyle. If Gavin Newbie wants to win he can on a single issue; unwind this thing and prosecute some people. This has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  2. Could?
    Since when in CA’s postwar history did inflation and delays not add to the costs of any government project? Both factors unduly if not solely created by government.

  3. Shut up, you stupid Californians. We are going to have this bullet train or else saith dictator Brown.

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