Jeff Sessions urges California governor not to sign ‘sanctuary’ bill into law

As reported by the Washington Times:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday singled out California Governor Jerry Brown and urged him not to sign into law a bill that would further restrict local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

The legislation was approved by lawmakers over the weekend after the governor helped draft a series of amendments. Mr. Sessions called it a public safety risk and encouraged California and other jurisdictions that have sanctuary laws or policies shielding illegal immigrants to change their ways.

“Such policies undermine the moral authority of law and undermine the safety of the jurisdictions that adopt them,” Mr. Sessions said as he spoke before a group of federal law enforcement officials in Oregon.

The California Values Act, passed Saturday by state lawmakers, is expected to be signed by the governor. The law prohibits local police and sheriffs from asking a person about his or her immigration status or from participating in immigration enforcement efforts. Under the law, local law enforcement agencies, including those that oversee jails, will be able to share information with federal immigration agents and transfer people into their custody if they have previously been convicted of one of some 800 crimes, mostly felonies and misdemeanors that can be charged as felonies. Cooperation will be banned if the person has only minor offense convictions on his or her record. …

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  1. jerry brown Is A Dufus he is no good for California Or Any Other State

    • tell that to the idiots that voted him in……….
      16 years as gov………….( 2 eight year runs )…..ugh……

      goes to show…’ YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID ‘……………..

  2. Anne Carrigan says

    Why is it that a hanful of polititians can write a proposal to change California laws and have the governor sign it into law without first finding out what the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS WANT?????

  3. Jerry A**hat Brown thinks he is The Law and is going to sign this no matter what. So, my question is…. What is Sessions going to do about it? I’m sick of Liberal Democrats including Judges getting away with doing whatever they want and NOT upholding Our Laws. They will continue to undermine Our President as long as they keep getting away with it. so Again, Sessions what are you going to do about it?!!

  4. Bring in the militia and throw baldy pecker nose’s ass out the window

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