Jerry Brown (Almost) Makes It Clear He’s Not Interested in Running for President

As reported by KQED News:

There are probably only two things you really need to know about the notion of Gov. Jerry Brown — a man afflicted three times with nasty bouts of what’s called “Potomac Fever” — running for president in 2016.

First, that it’s a great political parlor game; and second, that it’s the kind of game he must love by always leaving the door ever so slightly open.

Brown did a reasonably good job of throwing cold water on the idea on Friday during the first of two days in Washington, D.C. The governor met with federal officials at the White House to talk about President Obama’s hotly debated executive order on immigration. On Saturday, he will attend the annual white-tie-and-tails Gridiron Club dinner as a guest of the Washington Post. …

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  1. I was so looking forward to a Brown-Clinton rematch of ’92.
    The question arises though, will Moonbeam attack the spouse (Bill) in the same manner as he did (Hillary) then, and will Hillary respond to defend Bubba?
    And when we’re talking about alternatives to Hillary, why is the Dem bench seemingly only occupied with 70-something retreads?

  2. notosharia says

    Well if Brown puts aside the election –will he finally do it to the RR that is something we do not intend to use? Will he work on water — different means of getting it– ?

    • Moonbeam is too beholding to the Green freaks to actually think about the state. Besides he’s got his illegals to suck up to and they soak up way more resources, economic and natural, than they’re worth.

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