Kamala Harris’ Unflattering Record of ‘Accomplishments’

During the Democratic presidential candidate debate Tuesday, Kamala Harris touted her “accomplishments” as California’s “top” law enforcement officer.

But what really were those accomplishments?

Research from the RNC reveals her record to be not as flattering as she’d like:

  • Fought to keep inmates locked up in overcrowded prisons so they could be used for cheap labor.
  • Fought to kill Proposition 19 in 2010, a measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use, though she now supports federal legislation that would do just that.
  • As California AG, she jailed thousands on marijuana charges and was against legalizing marijuana, but now she wants to legalize it.
  • As California AG, she defended capital punishment.
  • She “championed” a law that put the parents of truant kids in jail. But as a candidate for president, she has been caught trying to cover up her record on truancy.
  • As San Francisco DA, she called the decriminalization of prostitution “completely ridiculous.” But earlier this year, she made a flip-flop and said she supports decriminalizing prostitution.  
  • As San Francisco DA, Harris made increasing bail costs a priority. 
  • As San Francisco DA, Harris prosecuted a mentally ill woman who was shot by San Francisco Police. A Loyola Law School professor said of Harris, “Somebody used very poor judgement in deciding to bring these charges.”
  • As recently as last year, she boasted that as San Francisco DA, she “nearly tripled the number of misdemeanor cases taken to trial” but now she wants to “drastically [limit] the number of people we expose to our criminal justice system.”


  1. Kamala who?

  2. Decriminalizing prostitution is entirely too self-serving, otherwise Commie LaHarris might wind up in jail.

  3. tomsquawk, it is Kamal Face Doublespeak!

  4. San Fransisco, her City is a cesspool, she is more concerned about the Presidents twitter account then cleaning up her own City, she is a phony and a fraud.

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