Key Reagan Strategist Has Had It With Republicans Under Trump

Recently, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library launched a lecture series titled “Time for Choosing,” a name consciously echoing the famous 1964 speech that launched Reagan’s political career and put him on a path to the White House.

The concept — marquee names, history-rich backdrop — is a throwback to a time when politics involved ideas and philosophies and wasn’t just about riling “the base” or “owning” the opposition. The program also gives Republicans a chance to paint their visions while wrapping themselves in the mantle of one of the GOP’s most beloved and sainted figures.

But the title is something of a misnomer. Many Republicans have already chosen: It’s Donald Trump’s party and will remain so until and unless someone pries it from his fisted fingers.

Of those invited, the first to appear, former House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, is one of the few who have dared to openly suggest Republicans ditch the retread who not only cost them the White House but control of the House and Senate — a losing trifecta unmatched in a single term by any president since 1932. Ryan’s reward was a nasty-gram from Mar-a-Lago.

Stuart Spencer has already seen enough. …

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  1. Larry Hobson says

    Paul Ryan is a traitor and a complete asshole. He should be a democrat not a republican.

  2. You and the rest of the elites have helped yourselves long enough! It is sacrilegious to declare you all follow Ronald Regans values, and policies. You have all had a chance since Regan, and have screwed things up royally, and even worked against the people. You all even helped the presidency to the party of socialism/communism to steal the election from the people you supposedly represent. Regan was for the people, you are not, but Trump is. That is what you are afraid of, and you are willing to help the radical left sell our country out! You people are not BS’ing anyone. Go back in your holes traitors.

  3. S. Spencer is FOS. This guy ain’t no conservative
    with his left wing views. He may look like a rose
    but there is an awful odor about.

  4. Rottweiler says

    I doubt he had any hand in shaping Reagan, he would have no need for a flip flopper, Anyone voting for a libertarian is voting for a Democrat because anyone with a middle school diploma knows it is a throw away vote. He doesn’t seem educated enough in the political arena to give anyone advice, especially throwing a vote away essentially giving up. I also don’t think Nancy had much acumen either which Reagan was shaped or actually benefited from. This is a woman who relied on psychics not reliable political investigation and by the way anything in the LA Times has been proven to be leftist progressive propaganda so there you go. Unreliable and basically non-relevant.

  5. Mr. William Saracino says

    Who knew he was still alive? Clearly his brain isn’t. And remember – he also worked very hard to defeat Reagan. Spencer and the NeverTrump Qusilings bring to mind Churchill’s comment about the Germans…”They are always at your throat or your feet”….Happily he and his dwindling band of folks who would rather lose gracefully than fight effectively and win have just about zero influence in the Party.


  7. JimNorCal says

    Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out, RINO traitors.

    Ryan in particular is responsible for loss of Congress. By refusing to …
    1) End ObamaCare
    2) Reduce Spending
    3) Reduce size of Gov’t
    … he ensured that a motivated Repub base which gave the GOP Congress and White House sat on their hands for the 2018 mid-terms.

  8. Trump was elected because the establishment Republicans did nothing but talk. He did more substantial waste and bureaucracy cutting in two years than Bush did in eight, if he had any intention of reducing govt at all.

  9. Really??? says

    It is interesting to see this now. The long established of the Republican Party continued and continues to believe the now radicalized Democrats want and are willing to compromise.

    “We’ll meet them half way and the work from there…” Sound like RINOS? No it is the Communist Democrat Party. Watching politics on both the inside and outside for the past 40 years makes it conclusive.

    Attempting to reason with the Left is irrational. Remember a logical argument does not mean it is rational. They use logic against us and we refuse to counter with rational positions.

    Unfortunately this item is more of the same logic of failure. It sound good but where are the results? Brown, Newsom, Garcetti, Pelosi, Tax’n Jackson, and the list goes on.

  10. Reagan would have kicked Spencer to the curb.

  11. The reason Spencer hasn’t written any tell alls is because he did shit! He may have campaigned for Reagan but Reagan was his own man. The GOP that Spencer longs for was pre-Reagan and responsible for cooperating with communist Democrats to bring us where we are today.

    They don’t like Trump because he isn’t one of them. He is an outsider who made his own way not sucking off the dole like these POS!

    But I will say one thing if Reagan is turning over in his grave it’s because somebody let Paul Ryan into the Reagan Library. It needs to be fumigated quick. Ryan is a no-ball loser who never grew big enough balls and he is envious. Just another GOP POS!

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