LAPD tactics get more aggressive as arrests soar during riots

After days of looting and vandalism and a barrage of criticism for failing to stop it, Los Angeles police have significantly increased their presence in affected neighborhoods and deployed more aggressive tactics to arrest those responsible for burglarizing businesses.

Police also have enforced overnight curfews to sweep streets clear in startling, militaristic shows of force, at times without any apparent effort to distinguish between passive bystanders and those engaged in crime.

“When violence escalates, including assaults on officers, arson, widespread looting … the department needs to resort to a stronger message,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the civilian Police Commission on Tuesday.

“We are not going to stand for looting,” said Asst. Chief Robert Arcos, in a separate interview. “We are doing all we can to make arrests immediately.” …

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  1. Cycleman says

    Aggressive? The only aggression that I saw in Los Angeles was when people were walking on the beach, they would arrest you. As far as the rioters go, the reason things are slowing down is because there isn’t anything left to steal.

    By the way, the police saved Beverly Hills, no looting there – I wonder why?

  2. tomsquawk says

    “For What It’s Worth” Pandora’s Box. 60’s. I recall that Stills saw the action and decided to turn around and leave. nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. stoopid people.

  3. Everyone has a right to protest but unless you have a parade permit you need to keep it in one place or stay on the sidewalk. As soon as you step off the sidewalk and into the street you need to be arrested. Your right to protest does not override my right to drive down the street. When you bloc streets intersections and freeways you need to be arrested and fined 5k and if you came from more than 50 miles away the fine should double to 10k. Vandals and looters should be fined 25k and 6 months in jail plus restitution. Again if you came from more than 50 miles away it should all double. If the govt whines they don’t have the room in the jail just have the military build a tent city out in the desert somewhere like sheriff joe did in arizona.

    • Cycleman says

      And if you’re a protester and you’re on the freeway and you get run over for any reason it’s your fault and no charges Should be given to the driver.

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