Larry Elder Emerges As Face Of GOP In California

Although the effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom failed, the lightning two-month campaign appears to have had at least one clear beneficiary: Larry Elder.

The conservative talk radio host jumped to the front of the pack of 46 recall challengers soon after he entered the race on July 12, enhancing his brand as a media provocateur and potentially paving the way for a future run for office.

His showing Tuesday, when he led the challengers by a wide margin, could establish him as the putative leader of the state’s Republican Party.

Some of his most ardent followers have said they hope Elder will run next year, to challenge Newsom for a second time. …

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  1. There is a video circulating within the Inet;

    WATCH: 351,000 “Yes” Votes Disappear from Totals in Newsom Recall Election LIVE ON CNN (VIDEO)

    I saw this with my own eyes happen on 03 November 2020 on CNN. The vote tally change happened in Pennsylvania. Video of this circulated within Inet as well.

    The only explanation I have discovers re; the Pennsylvanian issue was “It was a glitch” Something to do with a last minute tabulator software update in one precinct but no evidence of any audit trail or ID of support staff performing update. Little if any reporting about the issue.

    Do you have any insite on these issues?

    Thank you

  2. Richard Cathcart says

    Considering the holistic Left’s 40 year-long unrelenting attack on normalcy, it was pleasantly shocking to realize that 1/3 of California’s voters remain sane and decent. Elder’s late entry but strong showing in the balloting means a bigger radio audience and, thus, the stronger dissemination of factual outlooks among those just now coming around to the ugly reality created by the Democratic Party, both in-State and for our Nation. Had Elder been elected and installed in Sacramento, the Democratic Party would have shifted the blame for California’s infrastructural failings (water supply systems etc.) to him and, thus, deferred any and all designs meant to cure innumerable festering environmental-economic-social mega-problems. Now, with this recall election outcome–a tarnished and crippled Newsom is far more open to strong challenge by out-of-State Democratic Party flunkies for his long-planned 2024 Presidential ambitions–the State’s Democratic Party will have to struggle with some really loopy PR efforts to camouflage their ever more obvious ineptitude, crookedness and absence of imagination! Personally, I am thrilled to be alive to watch this coming attraction of an epic meltdown of dolts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It is said that Newsom will be THE strongest contender for the next Presidental challenge. I do not see that is possible. Just another Kamala, since everyone in the country knows who he is and what he HAS NOT done for California. Reputation and impressions are strong and long lived.

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