Lawsuit Seeks To Clear Out Skid Row

The plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit about homelessness are calling for the city and county of Los Angeles to offer some form of shelter to skid row’s most vulnerable by August.

The legal move — a request for a preliminary injunction — comes as lawyers for the group of mostly downtown business owners and residents are said to be inching toward a settlement with the city that would require it to provide new housing or shelter for thousands of homeless people across the city. At the same time, it would allow the city to use anti-camping laws to clear anyone remaining on the streets.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs want the city and county to offer some form of shelter or housing within 90 days to every homeless person between 3rd and 8th streets and Alameda and Main streets, a downtown quadrant that essentially encompasses skid row.

Their brief describes how homeless people are dying on the streets of Los Angeles every day and how, on April 7, a man in a wheelchair burned to death in a tent on skid row, and his charred corpse “remained on the sidewalk for hours, a testament to decades of intentional actions and deliberate indifference by the city and county.” …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. The Left demanded vagrancy laws be done away with.

    The Left demanded soup kitchens be funded and open to anyone outside of the community.

    The Left demanded “work for welfare” is discrimination.

    The Left demands unsustainable spending.

    Have you voted for a Democrat? Then you voted for the Left who are bent on tearing apart your nation.

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