Lawsuits Challenge California’s Corporate Board Diversity Quotas

California faces a federal court challenge to state laws that require public companies to diversify their boards, including a first-in-the-nation mandate requiring companies to include minorities.

The “quota regime” imposed by laws that call for gender and racial balance violate the U.S. Constitution and hurt others seeking corporate director positions, the Austin, Texas-based Alliance for Fair Board Recruitment said in a complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles. A separate group had earlier filed two suits against the laws in state court.

The Alliance for Fair Board Recruitment is led by Edward Blum, the longtime conservative activist and affirmative-action foe. Blum spearheaded an unsuccessful legal fight by Students for Fair Admissions Inc. to stop Harvard University from using race as a factor in admissions.

An appeal is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. He also was involved in a successful challenge to limits imposed by the Voting Rights Act, after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Shelby County, Ala., in 2013. …

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  1. Really??? says

    One of the nice things about the free market Capitalist system is you have the right to choose and buy products.

    Don’t like the make-up of the Board? Don’t buy their products. Want to have direct input? Buy the stock and force your way on to the Board.

    After all if Al Gore can lie about global warming effects and make literally billions in the process what right does government or you radical Socialist have to demand this?

    Better yet there a whole bunch of very wealthy women who own businesses and can appoint who ever they want. (it is called freedom)

  2. Rottweiler says

    I thought the idea was you got the job if you are qualified? Maybe you would like a surgeon based on their gender identification, and are chosen not by ability but how we “feel” about them. Sounds logical right? I don’t need a qualified pilot in the cockpit but rather a particular gender that they need to hire for their quota, doesn’t matter if they spent 5 hours of flying than the other pilots 50,000. Just make the quotas and that is all the public needs to feel secure in their picking an airline. I feel good but may be killed.

  3. Companies could save themselves grief and money by simply leaving California. Let their competitors stay and comply with Sacramento’s woke insanity and “efficiency”. They will be committing suicide while giving market share to those that left. Of course, by then, it might be more cost effective to avoid doing business in California all together.

  4. Two things that can definitely bring a state or a nation to its knees are Debt and Diversity!
    Debt is an irresponsible and incompetent manifestation of an ignorant government representatives and appointed individuals.
    Diversity is also an irresponsible and incompetent act of an ignorant government representatives and appointed individuals.
    Neither one serves the Citizen well. And it is stupid to think either is O.K.!
    A public entity should never have either debt on its books or utilize diversity for the selection of an employee.
    There should never be a requirement for hiring or appointing someone based on them being a different color, sex, ethnicity, or just dumb, best qualified is the only option states and nations should use for an employee, appointee, candidate.

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