Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rep. Tom McClintock

From the Daily Caller:

Not all members of Congress who identify with the tea party are freshmen. Rep. Tom McClintock won his election in 2008 after 22 years in the California state legislature and an unsuccessful 2003 run for California governor. In the House of Representatives, McClintock sits on the natural resources and budget committees.

The conservative establishment nationwide loves McClintock. He thoughtfully chooses the best moments to remind colleagues of the relevance of America’s Founding, the U.S. Constitution and the need for legislators to have courage of their convictions when voting. Like the old E.F. Hutton ad, his other members of Congress listen when he speaks.

McClintock voted no, with 65 other Republicans and 95 Democrats, on the August 1 debt ceiling increase, offering his typically thorough and compelling commentary to explain that decision. In May 2010, McClintock delivered a floor speech condemning Felipe Calderón on the day the Mexican President addressed the Congress. That video quickly went viral, and was many Americans’ first introduction to the California Republican, who moved west after his upbringing in White Plains, N.Y.

His voting pattern puts him at odds with progressives, the radical environmental movement and big spenders. He often warns Americans about the destructive policies that have caused a mass migration away from his beloved California. Last week, Rep. McClintock sat down with TheDC’s Ginni Thomas to discuss the “Occupy” protests, Solyndra and green jobs, the “super” deficit reduction committee and more.

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