Michelle Steel Says Her Bipartisanship Hasn’t Sailed

Orange County Rep. Michelle Steel’s staff says she was joking when she apologized to Republican supporters recently for working with Democratic Rep. Katie Porter on a resolution condemning hate-filled attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The incident highlights the fine line lawmakers like Steel (R-Seal Beach) must walk to get legislation considered, especially in a swing district, while still not appearing too close to Democrats.

The comments came during a 12-minute speech Steel gave at the April 25 meeting of the Costa Mesa Republican Assembly. Video of the event was posted to YouTube and Twitter, where her words drew criticism from local Democratic activists.

Steel favorably mentions other bills she has co-sponsored with Democrats. But Porter, the high-profile Democrat whose adjoining district includes Irvine and Tustin — and who is known for her pointed criticism of Trump administration officials — is the only one she apologizes for working with. …

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    Let no good deed go un -punished.

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