‘Money just simply corrupts,’ Yee said weeks before arrest

From The Sacramento Bee:

In the weeks since the arrest of Sen.  Leland Yee, two hard-to-reconcile versions of the San Francisco Democrat have emerged: Transparency advocate running for secretary of state vs. the man who, according to an FBI affidavit, accepted campaign money in exchange for favors and a promise to set up an illegal gun deal.

A videotaped interview in December with Voice of OC, a nonprofit publication in Orange County, illustrates the size of the gulf.



  1. For ‘HIS’ role in attempts to deny California citizens their Constitutional rights, I truly hope the China Man spends the rest of
    his natural born life behind bars with ‘Bubba’ (AKA ‘Brutus’) as his cell mate. Hopefully, they’ll send a couple of his fellow Democratic
    “partners in crime” with him.

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