New bill would require fire inspections at home schools

The case of the Riverside County couple accused of torturing their 13 children has sparked legislation to increase oversight of home schools.

Assemblyman Jose Medina (D-Riverside) has proposed a bill that would require local fire departments to conduct annual inspections of all registered home schools.

Medina said in a statement that his measure would “provide the oversight needed to protect students and their rights.”

The Home School Association of California opposes the bill.

Debbie Schwarzer, an attorney with the organization, says the bill constitutes an invasion of privacy. She also says it doesn’t provide any guidance for what home inspections would cover. …

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  1. a typical Socialist Demokrap misdirection. It is not based of even a single fire in a home school but for a warrantless search of a private residence. Totally unconstitutional violation of the 4th amendment. But to Leftist Demokraps the constitution is little more than toilet paper.

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