Newsom Wants To Spend $12 Billion On California’s Homeless Population

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to spend $12 billion on services for homeless people, including his signature program to create more supportive housing, as advocates push him to dedicate nearly twice as much to one of California’s most persistent problems.

Newsom proposed Tuesday to dramatically beef up the state’s resources on an issue that has long confounded public leaders statewide and across the country, with more than a quarter of the money in his plan aimed at ending family homelessness over the next five years.

His revised budget plan, due Friday, would dedicate $7 billion over two years to creating new housing for homeless Californians through the hotel and motel conversion program Homekey, and $1.75 billion to help finance affordable housing projects for homeless and extremely low-income Californians. A portion of the new housing units and an additional $1.6 billion in rent support would be targeted to families. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. The Captive says

    Is this “responsible” behavior? NO~ This governor is MAD -YES INSANE AND NOT CAPABLE OF being logical no matter what the problem. Solving it with money will not do. Those who expect to be paid off want their cut. Nancy Pelosi’s nephew shows us how she wants it.

  2. Laurie C says

    Exactly what do you want done to the homeless??? We spend billions in other countries, we bring their people here to take our jobs. We have veterans, citizens homeless, illegals here have homes, most section 8 to them. Once homeless whether you have a job or not, no one will rent to you, jobless you stay you have no home address, no one will.hire you. This country has no heart for its homeless, some 10 plus years no home, no one listens to them, some have invisible friends since no one else will talk to

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