Obama Approval Averages 45% in February

From Gallup:

President Obama’s average job approval rating for the month of February in Gallup Daily tracking was 45%, with 47% disapproving, unchanged from January.

Obama’s job approval in February exceeds the lows seen last summer, when his monthly approval rating dipped to 41% from August through October. That followed a slide from 50% in May after the successful U.S. military mission in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. However, despite the recent improvement in his score, it has yet to recover to the level seen at the start of 2011, when 49% approved and 43% disapproved.

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  1. Wild Bill says

    What a joke these “so-called polls” are. Have you ever noticed the Ovomits poll numbers never go below 39%. I guess there is an unwriten rule that says that. I did see them go to 38% one time and it jumped back up to 41% over night.
    Everyone I talk to dispise this man, but yet they keep his approval rates faily high. What do you feel about him? would you re-elect him? if he gets four more years this country is DONE! Tiajuana will look like Beverly hills today compared to what we are today!

  2. Carol Planchon says

    I lived through Carter, this guy is far worse. I have meet with a lot of people that said they voted for him but now say they will vote for anyone but him. I am sure his disapproval ratings is much lower then they are reporting. Unemployement is closer to 25% if you count all the people who no longer are allowed to collect. Because I am self employed like millions of American’s we are not counted, but no longer make enoung money to live. God help all of us if he does get re-elected.

  3. Wait until the price of gas is close to $5 a gallon this summer. Obumma will have his ratings drop even by low income people who cannot afford gas to go or do anything. Hopefully he will be facing impeachment by summertime along with his corrupt attorney general.

  4. I cannot believe that Obama has more then 10 % approval rate and that would come from the Socialist Party! Obama should be impeached and
    tried for Treason. Then executed and decapitated in accordance with, Sharia Law,his religion.

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