President Biden’s Job Approval Sinking On Inflation, Crime and COVID: POLL

President Joe Biden is facing significant skepticism from the American public, with his job approval rating lagging across a range of major issues, including new lows for his handling of crime, gun violence and the economic recovery, a new ABC/Ipsos poll finds.

As the White House confronts rising and widespread concern about inflation, Americans are especially negative on how the Biden administration is managing this issue.

More than two-thirds of Americans (69%) disapprove of how Biden is handling inflation (only 28% approve) while more than half (57%) disapprove of his handling of the economic recovery. Partisan splits for inflation show expected negativity in Republican views (94% disapproving), but the survey also reveals weaknesses from Biden’s own party with only a slim majority of Democrats (54%) approving. Biden’s orbit is also hemorrhaging independent voters, with 71% disapproving of his handling of inflation.

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he ABC/Ipsos poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel, reveals these rocky ratings for Biden at a time when the bulk of Americans name inflation and paying everyday bills as a top concern. Concern about inflation has eclipsed worry about the coronavirus pandemic, according to recent polls from Monmouth and AP-NORC, as Republicans continuously spotlight rising prices at the gas pump and the grocery store as a key issue for the upcoming midterm elections — likely to be a referendum on Biden’s performance.

These low job assessments in areas of high public concern have led to a new low in Biden’s overall approval rating, measured by FiveThirtyEight at 43%.

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    If life was fair, only those who voted for Dementia Joe would suffer from Bideninflation. All of this was predicted during the campaign, but liberals didn’t care. And now they destroy the United States in their quest to make us the United Marxist States of America.

  2. The intent of the Biden government, NOT controlled by him, is to take control of all we do as a people. That basically boils down to removing the middle class so there is only the controllers, who ever that might be, and the rest of us. That is communism. Take a look at China or Venezuela or Cuba or any of a large number of other countries that are ruled by one or a few. The people in those countries are kept in a state of dependency by control of food, medicine, energy, work – on and on into every aspect of their lives. America is basically the only country left where the people have some voice in government – and we are giving that away rapidly.

  3. Joe’s handlers are waking to the fact they have made an unfixable mistake. As time progresses, the current approval numbers will be regarded as Joe’s high point.

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