Report Says Bay Area Homelessness Could Be Solved With $11.8 Billion

With the pandemic ending and governments signaling they might devote more money toward homelessness, a leading research organization is boldly putting a dollar amount on what it thinks it would take to whisk every unhoused person in the Bay Area off the streets: $11.8 billion.

The Bay Area Council came to its estimate in a report released Thursday by calculating it would take $9.3 billion to create enough shelter and housing to put roofs over all 35,118 people now estimated to be homeless in the region’s nine counties — then $2.5 billion a year to maintain those roofs with services and staffing.

It’s the first comprehensively researched figure of its kind for the Bay Area, and the people who wrote it at the business-oriented council maintain it’s not just pie in the sky. The California Legislature is considering spending $20 billion on homeless programs statewide in the next budget, Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing $12 billion, and San Francisco Mayor London Breed this week proposed adding more than $1 billion in new funding over the next two years. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. Money cannot solve “homelessness.” Maybe 5 to 10 percent of homeless are those formerly employed who lost their jobs, their homes, and are temporarily out of options. Those you can help with programs and cheap housing. The other 90 to 95% only trash whatever housing they are given, spend their money on drugs and alcohol, and end up back in the street even with helpful social programs to guide them on the right path. We have attracted people from all over the country because of our mild winters–the most mentally damaged, either due to mental disease or mostly, to “dual-diagnosis”, drugs and mental illness. The best hope to decrease this chronic problem is to create mental health facilities where people can be ordered to live, getting medications for their illnesses or drug rehab under close supervision. These people had no freedom, they were the worst of slaves to their addictions. My work involved low-income housing for 20 years and know what of I speak. This Bay Area Council is throwing our tax money down the drain. Or maybe Facebook and Google, naive liberals who believe “homeless” is just synonymous with “poor”, can put up the $20 billion…?

  2. Brenda Torres says

    How much is it going to cost to House all these illegals…and who deserves it more, the illegals or our ‘Homeless American Citizens’…

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