Republicans fear rough primary could cost them the House and the Senate

From The Hill:

Republicans are worried the long, drawn-out presidential primary could cost them the House and the Senate.

For months, Republicans had been bullish about their prospects for widening their margin in the House and picking off Democratic senators. But some are now questioning whether they could be done in if Mitt Romney limps out of the primary a severely weakened nominee.

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Photo courtesy of Rob Crawley, flickr


  1. Wild Bill says

    This tells me the Right is starting to beleive the BullS*** the left is feeding them. It also tells me the right has no confidence in them selves. My answer to that is “get some Gonads” have some Confidence in your self. Listen to what the public is saying and feeling as they go to the Gas station and grocery store to buy food.. They obviously don’t do that, makes me wonder are they out-of-touch with us?

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