San Francisco-Run Homeless Encampment Costs $60K Per Tent

A homeless encampment run by San Francisco costs the city $60,000 per year, per tent, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The city’s six “safe sleeping villages,” provide homeless people tents, three meals per day, security and washrooms.

The city is looking to renew the program for a cost of about $57,000 per tent, of which there are about 260.

The Chronicle noted that if the funding is approved, the city will be paying about twice the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment for each tent. …

Click here to read the full article from the NY Post.


  1. Lee Vitale says

    Where do they buy the tents??? Good grief!! Let them pay for an apartment?

  2. This includes 3 meals a day and security and washrooms, not just the tents. They should itemize each of these expenses. I wonder how many live in each tent as they only have 260 of them. I am sure there are many more than 260 homeless in SF.

  3. Donald J says

    True to the agenda of the tax and spend politicians this coming out of some one else’s pocket. For individuals with that mentality it is so easy to spend some one else’s.

  4. And to think that the City could hire buses and transport all the homeless to Oregon or Washington, who will welcome them, for under $100 per person…. thus greatly improving San Francisco, its residents and visitors and saving our ginormous tax bills for things that work. Nothing at all of the efforts to “help” the homeless has succeeded.

  5. Soda Fountain says

    Who is paying for this? Oh, let me guess, us the taxpayer? Doesn’t anyone make these politicians accountable for these absurd amounts they say it costs? Something is very wrong here.

  6. Donald J says

    Median household income in California 75,235. Not all households have both working but they are able to put a real roof over their family, feed and cloth as well as transport them but it takes the tax and spenders of California 57,000 per tent ? Has anyone ever entertained the “Hand up Not a Hand Out” concept? Common sense obviously is not a California Voter concept. As a side note in the past 25 years do the voters in California realize how many times they voted in various programs and extra taxes to repair and maintain their roads and highways? The tax and spenders got your vote and you got the potholes…

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