San Jose set to become largest U.S. city to enact natural gas ban

an Jose is set to become the largest city in the United States to ban natural gas from many new homes in direct contrast to the federal government’s rollback of environmental regulations.

On Tuesday, the City Council approved a proposal from Mayor Sam Liccardo and four of his fellow council members to create an ordinance barring natural gas in new single-family homes, low-rise multifamily buildings and detached granny flats beginning next year.

The proposal would not affect existing homes or high-rise developments.

“Electrifying buildings is not only good for the planet, but good for our health and safety,” the mayor, Raul Peralez, Lan Diep, Magdalena Carrasco and Dev Davis wrote in a memo. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Jose Mercury News.


  1. So now Commiefornia wants to ban one of the least polluting substances on earth huh. Whoever the people are that are behind this should be OUT OF A JOB and Investigated for crimes against the state.
    From the sword of ———

  2. San Jose, the dumbest city in the U.S., and coming to a town near you??

    I think we have too many colleges in the state of California, thereby producing a density of ill-informed and nonthinking robots. Schools and colleges and their dumbing down and misinformation to students must be stopped. If a majority of Californians were against this, it would not happen.

  3. Natural Gas keeps my oven warm to dry out things or keep a gentle warmth about on those very chilly days. A gas stove is the best ever too. How bad is this State of CA government (CORRUPT ) TO prevent the low cost natural gas FROM THE LOW INCOME PEOPLE. Indeed they are to be hated for their filthy acts that do not clean up anything!

  4. Unfortunately CA does not have a minimum IQ requirement to run for office in the state. How many of those on the council that voted for this stupid policy are on the take from the electric utilities? In fifteen years if there is a massive electric power outage in the middle of winter how is the city going to keep all those people in new houses/apartments warm? Of course by then those who voted for the policy will be out of office and probably moved from the area. I’m glad I moved from San Jose 25 years ago. We drive down once a year to remind us why we did.

  5. Rollback to Gold Medallion homes? I suppose they can only use electricity from Wind and Solar?

    • Boris Badenov says

      Then they are going to be cold and dark. But I’m sure the good Hon. Mayor will be fine in his home with gas heat.

  6. Who said the Soviet Union is dead? It is alive and well in the Anti-GOD Anti-America Liberal Democrat Party in the United States.

  7. Just when the air was starting to get cleaner as people moved away from burning wood in their fireplaces, and to natural gas, this happens. The Democrats in this state are out of their minds.

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