SDSU to keep Aztec name following racially and politically charged debate

San Diego State University will keep the word Aztec as its nickname but create a more culturally sensitive version of its mascot in a decision that reflects nearly 20 years of racially charged debate about how the school treats indigenous people.

The Aztec Warrior … will be retained, but as Spirit Leader, not mascot,” interim SDSU President Sally Roush told the Union-Tribune on Thursday.

“We just expect a much more dignified and appropriate demeanor from that person. You won’t see the Aztec Warrior doing pushups in the endzone. You won’t see the Aztec Warrior dancing with the cheerleaders.”

Her action is part of a larger movement in the United States in which everyone from small high schools to large universities to Major League Baseball teams have tweaked or dropped nicknames and mascots that were regarded as culturally unacceptable. …

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  1. DR fedup says

    petty and of no importance –big deal about nothing –are there not more important things to work on in this world–why don’t you people just go back to the stone age–oh –already there–de-evolution

  2. tomsquawk says

    “but create a more culturally sensitive……Aztec Warrior”. You won’t see the Aztec Warrior dancing with the cheerleaders.” Emasculation.

  3. Gregory Brittain says

    The Aztecs were a militaristic empire that practiced mass human sacrifice and cannibalism. The leftist anti American universities denigrate our ancestors applying the moral standards of today, but they refuse to apply the moral standards of today to our ancestors’ contemporaries.

    Using the Aztecs as a sports team name and an Aztec soldier as a spiritual leader shows the moral inversion and perversion of liberals and leftists. This is the moral and intellectual equivalent of calling your sports teams the “communists” or the “Nazis” and using a “NKVD soldier” or a “Red Guard” or a “SS soldier” as a “spiritual leader.”

    As Dennis Prager said: going to an American university makes you a morally worse human being.

  4. askeptic says

    Does this mean that the ritual cannibalism will be dropped?

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