SF Bars Now Requiring Proof of Vaccination

COVID-19 numbers in the Bay Area have been trending up and bars in San Francisco are reacting accordingly.

If you’re planning to visit the city this weekend, you might want to carry your vaccination card as many bars are now requiring to see proof of immunization.

Aside from your ID card, bars such as 7 Stills Brewery and Distillery started asking for proof of vaccination only if dining inside their establishment.

“Proof of vaccination either means you have your actual card or photo of your card. But that’s only inside,” said manager Texas Enkil. “Outside you can dine or drink in our beer garden, no proof of vaccination required.” …

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  1. Really??? says

    Find it interesting the bars will do this but when it comes to opposition to the lousy traffic policies, the no cash bail, the absolute hard core Socialist policies do they take a rational approach to making their city safe and work? Nope.

    Now who is the dope?

  2. Really??? says

    Oh and I forgot, you will need an ID to match the vaccination card, but not for voting…. go figure

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