SF Mayor Wants To Spend $1 Billion To Fight Homelessness

Mayor London Breed is proposing more than $1 billion in new funding to address homelessness over the next two years — a staggering amount that she hopes will finally make a dent in San Francisco’s most vexing problem.

That proposal, announced Tuesday as part of her wider plan for the city’s upcoming $13.1 billion budget, is on top of the $300 million or so already spent directly on homelessness each year. The investment reflects the intense pressure Breed and other city leaders are under to address the thousands living on the streets, in shelters and in unstable housing.

In front of a large, masked crowd Tuesday, Breed proudly called her proposal a “historic investment.” But she acknowledged that money won’t solve the problem alone, and that the city also needs more housing, treatment and enforcement to compel people inside or into care. …

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  1. The democrats could care less about the homeless. The problem will never get fixed because the problem is a major emotional cash cow. Fixing the problem is the last thing the democrats want.

  2. In the far left universe that is SF local government there is no such thing as vagrancy or misdemeanors. They treat carrot and stick as inhuman as it has proven to be beyond their understanding. A billion dollars will be just another borrowed boondoggle supporting more waste, crime, socialism and dependency. Our beautiful “City on a hill” being destroyed by unqualified zealots, while we watch it happen.
    Wake up voters!

  3. Larry Olds says

    A bus ticket is a lot cheaper. That is how it used to be handled.

  4. Really??? says

    As has been indicated the Left has no interest in solving the issue.

    It is called the gift that keeps on giving.

    Why fix the crying towel issue that says any one that is for welfare limits, work for welfare, and you have to prove you are looking for work while on welfare are bigots and mean.

    There you go, the hard reason why the Left gets away with it. The uninformed listen to the emotional propaganda and have now understanding how long term resolving the issue works.

    (did I really say work?)

  5. Yes, spend more money on this problem to encourage more participants to make their way to San Francisco. This money should double or triple the homeless population. Glad I don’t live there.

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