‘Smoldering Resentment’ In Red California

On election day, Denise Pickens had a surprising feeling: hope.

Surely, she figured, Gov. Gavin Newsom would be booted out of office. Or at least get a good scare.

There was such fervor here in rural Lassen County — where a whopping 84% of voters supported the recall, the highest percentage in the state — that it was hard not to believe it could happen.

Then, Newsom’s landslide victory landed like a kick in the shin with a steel-toed boot.

“I went to bed really wanting to put a ‘for sale’ sign in front of my house,” said Pickens, 50, as she sipped a chai tea latte outside Artisan Coffee in Janesville, population 1,400.

Once again, the votes of vast, rural Northern California, which overwhelmingly supported the recall, were drowned out by urban liberals, Pickens said.

As for the California Republican Party, which had its best shot in over a decade of governing the state?

“Ineffective, as usual,” said Pickens, a longtime Republican. …

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  1. The answer is simple: Split the state in half.

    Let Northern California have Pelosi and that pig Newsome. Southern California voted FOR the recall and voted that jerk out.


  2. Susan, you have the State confused. The southern half were against the recall and to retian the a$$hole\.

  3. Splitting the State is a great idea, but not North-South. The split should be to East California and West California. Let the libs have the coastal counties and Solano and Sacramento Counties as “West California”, and all other counties can be in East California, possibly with San Diego County included. This is far more representative of the red and blue communities than a division based on North and South.

  4. When traveling across country did you ever wonder why you saw ROAD WORK AHEAD signs and miles and miles of traffic cones and nary a worker working on the road? And I’ll bet you thought everyone was on lunch break.

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