Some Loudmouth Politicians Are Finally Wearing Out Their Welcome

Voters gave a cold shoulder to candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and Los Angeles County voters gave the heave-ho to Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In one typically funny Monty Python sketch, author Oscar Wilde walks into a drawing room and says something pithy to the Prince of Wales: “Your Highness, there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Bystanders laugh for an extended time in a sycophantic manner.

Wilde says something else and, again, he evokes laughter. Once again, Wilde says something similarly inane, but suddenly he faces stunned silence. The Python troupe apparently was poking fun at an incident in Wilde’s career, but I thought of the skit in the context of Donald Trump and the midterms.

First, we have a former president who can think of nothing worse than not being talked about. Second, I’m reminded of how Trump continues to make, er, unusual comments that for years have evoked thunderous applause, but suddenly fewer people find them funny anymore. Something changed after the GOP’s electoral flop.

After Trump gave his big speech on Tuesday, most networks and even Fox News downplayed the rambling talk. The New York Post—a reliably pro-Trump publication—featured this headline at the bottom of its front page: “Florida man makes announcement.” Buried on Page 26, the Post published a brutal short item under the headline, “Been there, Don that.”

“With just 720 days to go before the next election, a Florida retiree made the surprise announcement that he was running for president,” the article explained. “Avid golfer Donald J. Trump kicked things off at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and classified-documents library.” Ouch.

Perhaps Trump Fever finally has broken, which is encouraging after digesting the substance of his speech. He championed law-and-order themes that are inappropriate in a constitutional republic. He vowed to restore public safety by sending the military into cities even if cities don’t want the “help.”

Trump even touted China’s model for handling drug dealers: “If you get caught dealing drugs, you have an immediate and quick trial. And by the end of the day, you’re executed.” Our Constitution assures due process for anyone accused of a crime. Only under totalitarianism can someone be accused of a crime, judged, and executed on the same day. That’s childish posturing, not serious policy.

Nationally, Trump was the biggest loser on Election Day, even though he wasn’t on the ballot. Fortunately, voters rebuked other politicians with a similarly un-American sense of justice. Los Angeles County voters gave the heave-ho to Sheriff Alex Villanueva. They chose former Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna, who seems like a normal reform-oriented lawman, by a 60-percent to 40-percent margin.

Unlike Trump, Villanueva at least conceded defeat. But his concession speech contained all the whiny, self-focused blather we’ve come to expect. “Every adversity I’ve faced throughout my years in law enforcement has always propelled me to a bigger stage, a bigger audience and a bigger voice,” he said. He certainly has a big voice, but perhaps voters had grown as tired of it as they’ve grown of Trump’s.

As NBC News reported, Villanueva “blamed defeat on what he claimed was a sweeping misinformation campaign and the use of ‘false narratives’ focused on issues including alleged deputy gangs, his alleged resistance of oversight by the county and Civilian Oversight Commission and other allegations of internal harassment and retaliation against purported whistleblowers.”

In April, Villanueva held a press conference where he pointed to a photo of a Los Angeles Times reporter and hinted that she may be a target in a criminal-leak investigation. He later relented, but instead of being observably concerned by the Times‘ reported allegations that “sheriff’s officials attempted to cover up an incident in which a deputy knelt on the head of a handcuffed inmate for three minutes,” he harangued the reporter.

Then there are the deputy-gangs allegations. Some deputies “have been accused of celebrating police brutality, intimidating and retaliating against fellow deputies, and running a shadow hierarchy that operates outside the chain of command,” per LAist.

Deputy gangs undermine trust in law enforcement and could violate citizens’ rights, but Villanueva calls them “cliques” and claims to have handled the problem. He defied subpoenas to testify and viewed the allegations as a political smear. He seemed unconcerned that some of his deputies may sport tattoos with alleged gang names such as Banditos and Executioners.

“I don’t expect deputies to get tattoos of Hello Kitty,” he said during a re-election kickoff event. “These are grown men and women and the tattoos they put on themselves. That’s an expression of their First Amendment right.” Wow.

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  1. Robert Wilson says

    The voters in Los Angeles are INSANE! They elected Karen Bass mayor of L.A. and Villanueva was at least trying to enforce the law despite crazy laws coming out of the city council and board of supervisors. THE VOTERS OF L.A. DESERVE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO GET! And boy are they going to get it
    !!!!! (and by the way, there were lots of Trump endorsed candidates across the country who got elected.)

  2. President Trump Won

  3. I come to this Newsletter to get truth, not propaganda.

    Mr. Frank, please refrain from news stories written by the left with left talking points all for the aim of disinformation and manipulation. I, for one, see right through it.

  4. No, Robert Wilson, the people of LA did NOT elect Karen Bass.
    Wake up. The deep state in CA, which is very wide and deep, made sure of it, not the voters!

    It is past time We The People of California do something about this immediately.

    Check out what Mike Lindell has to say about election fraud.

    • For over 60 years, Jack and Margy Flynn have taught individual Americans how to fight back against rogue government. The Power of Paper works. As a student, I am 4 for 4.

      Only We the People can win this battle. As Bastiat wrote: “When the law is kept to its proper bounds, it makes no difference who is elected.”

  5. That’s what the dem/rino party want’s us to think, so they push De Santis, who ran against a nothing burger. De Santis was saved by Trump, and did a good job as Governor, following MAGA policy, and often times following Abbott’s lead. Abbott also has been doing a great job in Texas. Trump gave us the best 4 years we have seen, and did it in the face of very hateful actions by the rino/dem (establishment) party, and is the Only candidate that can hit the ground running. He is also the only one with the determination, and will to clean out the swamp he has been able to expose, and end the corruption that is the swamp dwellers.

  6. Robert Wilson says

    Aprila, there is no doubt that there is massive manipulation and fraud going on, but you also have a lot of very stupid voters in L.A. who are going to get a wake up call!

  7. Karen Bass will continue the Eric Garcetti legacy of ‘accomplishment and success’ for L.A. Luna, for those who know his background, is another left winger from Long Beach and fully capable of continuing the liberal legacy that has turned California’s major cities into declining ghettos. Sheila Kuehl will be a happy camper that her skullduggery has been ‘vindicated’ by Villanueva’s loss. After all, liberals are perfect and never commit crimes, especially if they are attorneys. California, you did yourself proud by perpetuating your decline. You are doing a bang-up job running timely elections, too.

  8. Despite the many strides Trump made during his Presidency, his need for relentless adulation and his inconsistent management style, leadership and puzzling and often-conflicting public pronouncements gave his many enemies much to legitimately criticize him about. His personnel were not loyal to him, likely because his unpredictability and erratic utterances would be hard for any employee to endure. Trump’s sell-by date has expired and the Republican party needs to move on. De Santis has all of the earmarks of a great President and wise Republicans, if they don’t wish to become irrelevant as a party, will coalesce around De Santis in 2024.

    • Daniel Wright says

      You and other RINOS don’t like Trump because “HE TWEETS” so what? He brought about the most prosperous and successful USA in my lifetime. I voted for R. Reagan so you know I’m no kid.The saying goes “If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it”. Things were great under Trump. His problem was taking recommendations from people he thought he could trust but couldn’t. Being new to politics was a weak point but he learned his lesson. If every naysayer,never trump RINO ,left wing attack dog and media outlet would have at least given him the traditional honeymoon period things would have been different,but people like Maxine Waters tried to impeach him from day one. If you want a weak,milquetoast candidate that can be easily defeated by Joe Biden from his nursing home bed,that’s your choice. He obviously had 2020 stolen from him. Things will hopefully be corrected next time. As for me. I am ULTRA MAGA. Trump 2024!

  9. 85 percent of the candidates President Trump endorsed won so how is that losing ? A few more are still fighting as well. More media liberal spin. Check the facts and stop believing those that are trying to mislead.

    What did happen was many blue turned to red because the people are sick of the way the nation is going. This was true in California too. Again , check facts and stop believing these type of articles that are meant to deceive.

  10. Deborah Pauly says

    Mr. Greenhut, you are in error. Yes. a handful of Trump-endorsed candidates were not elected. However, the overwhelming number of Trump-endorsed candidates won their elections. I think the total was something like a 90% win rate. You probably need to check the data and not go looking for a way to discredit Mr. Trump simply by misreporting the facts. I guess this is an op-ed, so you are entitled to your opinion. You are not entitled to your fabricate your own facts in order to support that opinion.
    There are many people, myself included, who appreciate Mr. Trump’s policies, the strong economy under those policies and the lack of international military entanglements under his leadership. I’m not so sensitive that I can’t endure a few “mean tweets,” if it means I can fill up my gas tank for a reasonable price or my 401K isn’t in the crapper. Your bias is showing and it is not pretty because Trump Derangement Syndrome is irrational.

  11. Get over it. Trump is the only one with the guts to stand up against the Democrat/Communist agenda. I’m sick of the establishment Republican Party, which appears to be an arm of the Democrat Party. Someone needs to clean house in Washington and the rest of the country and he is the only one who can do it. What do you want. a surgeon who is competent or a doctor with a good bedside manner? No one trusts the election system. It has too many holes in it and even when they are discovered, NOTHING is ever done. No one said it was going to be easy or fast, but we made some progress. We went from energy independence, no foreign wars, a wall being built to protect the country from illegal entry to THIS. Point your finger where it needs to be pointed. At the current administration and the “sleepers” in the Republican Party

  12. What do you get when you cross ET with a librarian?
    A libertarian.
    Sorry Steven, way too many assumptions in this article.

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