State prisons to release 3,500 inmates early because of coronavirus threat

California’s prison system will release an estimated 3,500 inmates early to keep the novel coronavirus from spreading behind bars, state officials announced Tuesday.

The state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said the first batch of nonviolent prisoners will be released to parole up to 30 days early, while the next group will be released up to 60 days early. Ineligible for early release are violent offenders, sex offenders and those serving time for domestic violence.

“We do not take these new measures lightly. Our first commitment at CDCR is ensuring safety — of our staff, of the incarcerated population, of others inside our institutions, and of the community at large,” said Ralph Diaz, secretary of the corrections agency. “However, in the face of a global pandemic, we must consider the risk of COVID-19 infection as a grave threat to safety, too.”

State officials assured all victim notification requirements will be met. …

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  1. The Captive says

    GRUESOME newsome has certainly earned his name-doncha’ agree? I hate to hear him go on and on and on when he is on the radio. Can’t stand to see him on TV either. Enough is enough of this POLITICL PLOY TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE! The lib-left lie and lie and this is just another BIG lie!.
    May his aunt have some bad luck as she navigates above the masses if germ-laden people in SF and accidentally gets the virus whatever may attack her. She indeed has earned this honor, Have a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! iNDEED we the people are fools!

  2. Disgusted in LA says

    Only way that will help Californians, is IF they release them back to their own country!!! How many of them are illegally squatting here in CA???

  3. Disgusted in LA says

    NOTE – did you notice his listing of WHO he protects??? WE, THE PUBLIC, are lasst on his list!!!! EXCUSE ME??????

  4. Dntgiveup says

    What a friggin stupid brain dead idea coming from a brain dead governor. How will that stop the spread, these guys are safer in their cells under lockdown than we are on the streets, sounds to me that excuses are being made to release these criminals. If you really think about it these people locked in jail would only become infected if they come in contact with the virus so that means something contaminated enters the prison or the guards themselves are bringing it in lessen we are not being told something about the transmission of this virus this whole scheme will only worsen the spread amongst the people of the state because you know once they get out they aren’t going to care about any of us. Newsom is the dumbest governor ever and I’m like The Captive above who says he can’t stand watching him on TV. The idiot rolls his eyes to the back of his head when he talks so you know he’s lying like a rug!!!

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