Supreme Court Stops California Virus Rules Limiting Home Worship

The Supreme Court is telling California that it can’t enforce coronavirus-related restrictions that have limited home-based religious worship including Bible studies and prayer meetings.

The order from the court late Friday is the latest in a recent string of cases in which the high court has barred officials from enforcing some coronavirus-related restrictions applying to religious gatherings.

Five conservative justices agreed that California restrictions that apply to in-home religious gatherings should be lifted for now, while the court’s three liberals and Chief Justice John Roberts would not have done so. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. YES!
    Let’s cheer more illegal ‘winning’.

    As one of my friends put it:
    “I neglected to mention the most obvious, glaring injustice regarding the SCOTUS opinion. That being that matters within the homes of people within any state, this instance California, fall outside the jurisdiction of SCOTUS. It has zero jurisdiction in this matter.

    SCOTUS’ jurisdiction extends only to DC, the Territories and cases and controversies between states. Otherwise the respective state supreme court is the supreme court of jurisprudence.

    It is blatantly obvious to me, and probably the cause of my oversight in the previous message. Unfortunately I suspect this knowledge escapes more than 99% of the people, and 100% of lawyers and judges.”

  2. Rottweiler says

    CJ John Roberts continues not to disappoint with his leftist progressive slide toward the dark side. He is no conservative and is shameful, must have something on him on Epstein Island the rumor has it.

  3. A win yes but, the ruling should have been unanimous.

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