The Hourly Pay You Need To Afford Rent on a S.F. Apartment

When Buddy Hall led his last tour to Muir Woods in March 2020, he didn’t know how hard the pandemic was about to hit San Francisco’s tourism industry. Sixteen months later, Hall, 62, is staring down overdue credit cards and $11,000 in back rent on the two-bedroom apartment his family of four has called home since 1993.

Aside from a few language translation gigs, work remains scarce. He applied for the state’s rent relief program in April, but hasn’t heard back.

“How do I get out of this?” Hall said. “I had enough trouble making enough income for San Francisco before COVID.”

A new report shows that Hall’s story reflects a widening gap between Bay Area renters. The new analysis by the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that it takes a household income of $68.33 an hour — more than four times the local $16.32 minimum wage — to comfortably afford a two-bedroom apartment in the San Francisco area. …

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