Trump Approves First Solar’s Mega-Farm in California Desert

The Trump administration on Wednesday will announce the authorization of a roughly 3,000-acre solar farm near Palm Springs, California, after developers scaled back its size to help avoid threatened desert tortoises and cultural artifacts.

First Solar Inc.’s 450-megawatt Desert Quartzite project in eastern Riverside County has been praised by some environmentalists for its careful design on lands teeming with protected species and relics.

“It’s a big project, over 2,700 acres. That’s no small chunk of land, and they’re going to squeeze 450 megawatts out of that,” said Casey Hammond, the Interior Department’s acting assistant secretary of land and minerals management. “If you look at how they scaled it down from where they first were — it’s 1,000 acres less — and what they’re going to crank out of there, utility payers should get a good value.”

The project, being developed by Desert Quartzite LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Solar, is expected to be in operation by 2022. …

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  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    So how many miles of (poorly maintained ?) high tension lines are required (to cross wildfire sensitive areas ?), to connect this project with its consumers, vs residential rooftop solar (confined to point of use) ?

  2. The Captive says

    How many birds can they fry in the air?

  3. There wont be any costs/rebates to the consumer! If anything, we will have to pay MORE to get this up and running.

  4. SHANE CONWAY says

    A single nuclear power plant takes up a fraction of the land needed for a solar power station. Solar is far inferior to a nuclear plant and impacts the environment worse than nuclear. We had San Onofre power station, but we were forced to shut it down. When are rational consumers going to stand up to the radical environmentalists? Nuclear=0 emissions.

    • Shane how dare you use common sense in California! In San Diego at any given time there are two aircraft carriers sitting in the harbor with nuclear reactors capable of powering all of San Diego, but for some reason the Lib Tarde‘s don’t say a word about that. I think in France most their power comes from nuclear reactors, but in California it’s not about clean energy it’s about controlling us and putting money in the pockets of Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown and Diane Feinstein and her Chinese spy.

      There isn’t any money in nuclear reactors for these people, so they don’t support it. The politicians in this state (other states too) are in bed with China and most of the solar panels they sell here come from China. Just remember what Harry Reid did to the rancher in Nevada – he’s no longer with us over some inefficient Chinese solar panels.

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