Two deputies who survived ambush ‘a double miracle’

Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shot in what authorities described as an ambush attack are expected to survive amid an intense manhunt for the gunman captured on video firing inside their patrol car and as the violence became a new flashpoint in the political debate about policing and crime.

Both deputies were shot in the head near the Compton Metro station but went through surgery and are now listed in stable condition. The attack sparked widespread outrage, from the presidential campaign to the streets of Compton, where residents fear it will heighten already deep tensions between police and the community after several high-profile deputy shootings and uses of force.

“It makes no sense,” said Setif Capelton, 22, who has lived in Compton nearly all his life and heard the burst of gunfire Saturday night. “It hurts this community more than anything else. Now, what if someone walks up to a police officer’s car, and they get scared and shoot that person?”

Authorities have offered no motive for the attack. But new surveillance video and dispatch calls provide a more detailed account of what happened. …

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  1. We have liberal mayors and governors denigrating and defunding the police all across the country for a less than 1% personnel problem. We have politicians with a national approval rating of 15% and less telling us that protesting is peaceful while we watch millions of dollars in damage happening in these same democrat controlled cities and towns. We should not be surprised that when evil gets supported…it grows!
    We have the power to vote these idiots out of office.
    Will we do it?

    • Vince Cicoria says

      That’s a very good question, but somewhat rhetorical since no one can actually answer it until after the election. But as one who generally shares your sentiment, particularly as to cities controlled by so-called ‘democrats’, I would qualify your question in this way: It depends on how many idiots (of voting age, but as yet unelected) are willing to go through the trouble and process of voting, and how clever (the already elected idiots) are at ‘messing’ with the election process! Perhaps even more generally, if not more importantly, it depends on how many poorly raised, and poorly educated (idiots), we as a society have allowed to permeate and populate our (supposedly) ‘democratic’ state, and nation. And most importantly, it depends on whether, and when, we as a society are prepared to fix our process and system of EDUCATION, such that it no longer produces so many idiots!

    • Vince Cicoria says

      If you read the FULL L.A.TIMES ARTICLE, at the very end there’s a discussion with a nearby local resident who (at one point) calls the shooting “the work of an evil person”. But then, in the article’s very last sentence (as if to ENCAPSULATE the entire article) the person states: “But I’ve got to remember THIS (referring to this specific incident) “…AS MUCH AS I REMEMBER THE KILLING OF AN UNARMED BLACK PERSON BY THE POLICE.” Personally, I would have liked to ask that local resident if he could perhaps explain why the UNARMED BLACK PERSON’S DNA was on the gun of the officer who shot him??

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