Two tax hikes for schools could end up on California’s 2020 ballot

Though it’s never a sure bet that California voters will sign off on a tax increase, the odds improve when the money is promised to schools. Less clear, though, is what happens if two school tax measures are on the same ballot — now a distinct possibility for next year’s statewide election.

Asking voters to weigh in on how to pay for education is hardly new, from the creation of the California Lottery in 1984 to the 1988 ballot measure that created strict constitutional funding formulas. A nonpartisan statewide poll released last month found that 59% of likely voters believe current public school funding isn’t sufficient. And while K-12 education is getting more money than ever before, a variety of long-term problems have left many California school districts in financial distress.

With that in mind, the California School Boards Assn. is strongly hinting it may draft a November 2020 ballot measure asking voters to impose $11 billion in new taxes for schools — specifically, a tax hike on corporate income over $1 million and on personal incomes above $1 million. A CSBA spokesman said additional details of the proposed taxes are still being hashed out. …

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  1. Anthony G. says

    The only thing I want to ask is, what amount of money will finally be enough? If you tax us at 100 percent would that finally be enough. I’m not trying to be funny because it’s always we need more money. Well guess what I need more money too. I don’t live for free so keep your hands out of my pockets. But I will bet anyone that if this makes it to the ballot the dumb asses will vote yes. God help us.

  2. tomsquawk says

    “A nonpartisan statewide poll released last month found that 59% of likely voters believe current public school funding isn’t sufficient.” True Statement. Not enough for pensions and administrators. Maybe enough to chase out charter schools.

  3. The Captive says

    They don’t deserve a hike with the poor performance record. Why would you want to pay for classes in homosexuality and transgender crap? This has gone too far and it is DISGUSTING AND NOT REALLY what the children need to learn. It is WRONG! Then there is the invasion of nazi-islam and how these hate filled shariah pushers want to dump another hostile and hate filled political ideology on a CONSTITUTIONAL government! Again It is WRONG! NO the schools do not need more money to solve a wrong way educational system. Change this fake and wrong way to LOGICAL AND TRUTHFUL EDUCATIONAL methods that do not need taxes to correct all that is wrong now!

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