U.S. Judge Rejects Lawsuit Seeking To Halt Recall Vote

A federal judge in Los Angeles on Friday refused to block the Sept. 14 recall election, which opponents had challenged on the grounds it violated constitutional guarantees of one person, one vote.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald, an Obama appointee, said there was “nothing unconstitutional about placing in one ballot a vote for or against the recall of the governor and then a vote for a replacement candidate.”

The lawsuit, filed by civil rights lawyer Stephen Yagman on behalf of a recall opponent, sought a court order blocking the election or requiring the ballot of replacement candidates to include Gov. Gavin Newsom. Under California’s recall rules, Newsom is not permitted to run as a replacement candidate, and he could be replaced by a candidate who received far fewer votes. …

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  1. Gavin Newsom is the worst Governor California has ever had, and that’s saying A LOT!! I will not vote for Larry Elder but if Elder on the ballot is what it takes to make Gavin Nuisance go away, so be it. It’s only for a little over a year, during which time he can prove himself or we get the right candidate in that seat in 2022. I will vote YES to recall Gavin Newsom and vote Anthony Trimino as replacement candidate. Liberate California.

  2. California resident and I can promise you that GAVIN Newsom is finished in California. The wicked witch of the left can’t save him this time. The citizens of California are GOING to deliver to the Republicans California and their 53 electoral votes goung forward. The DEMOSHITS have LOST California…..demoshits will TRY and CHEAT but we are going to use their tactics against them. The DEMOSHITS don’t want free and fair elections so getting their tactics used against them is FAIR….Say good bye to your dumb ass nephew PIG PELOSI

  3. Yes, Max coveted it all. I do worry about the newest way to cheat, printing ballots at home. That, as well as ballot harvesting needs to be immediately removed from California’s corrupt voting laws. 300 mail in ballots have already been found in a car, with a passed out felon, with a gun and drugs. I wonder who hired him 🤨

  4. Concerned Citizen says

    “They” are doing everything to squelch this recall or steal it back for the Dems. Not this time! And when Captain Hairgel is gone, we must start on the rest of the elitist A-holes in Sacramento. Time to clean house and take back our state! 2022 can’t come fast enough!

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