What happens when California becomes a ‘sanctuary state’?

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

California’s so-called “sanctuary state” bill, introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León as a direct response to President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deport “bad hombres” and undocumented immigrants, is well on its way to becoming law.

One of the most contentious legislative issues in a year rife with racial tension, Senate Bill 54 pits nationalists who have long called for the removal of the undocumented community from an increasingly Latino state against advocates on the left who believe the president is unfairly targeting a vulnerable population of Mexican immigrants.

The measure has already passed the state Senate and is expected to win approval in the Assembly. It’s unclear where Gov. Jerry Brown stands on the bill, but his office is in talks with de León to iron out any issues before it reaches his desk.

Unless Brown pulls the plug, Californians will likely live in a “sanctuary state” by next year. Keep reading as we explain what that means. …

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  1. Bogiewheel says

    This has the look and feel of a Constitutional issue that should reach the Supreme Court. Dismissing federal law as an inconvenience to the state of California is a tough nut to crack, however, the democratic party, in Sacramento, is hell bent to make this a political issue. If California prevails in this issue, the stakes will be enormous in the next presidential election.

  2. With cut-offs of major portions of Federal funding, it will be a test run for Secession….and it won’t be pretty.

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