When’s the last time California started a year with gas prices this high?

California and the rest of the nation are starting 2018 with the highest gasoline prices to begin a new year since 2014, both AAA and GasBuddy have reported.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Modesto on Thursday morning was $2.92, compared to $2.60 a year ago, according to www.modestogasprices.com, which is part of GasBuddy.

The city is well above the national average price, which was $2.50 Thursday and $2.36 this day last year. But we’re well below the state average, which was $3.12 on Thursday.

In the greater Modesto area Thursday morning, the lowest price was $2.53, offered at Costco in Turlock and the Arco station at 3936 Mitchell Road in Ceres. Modesto’s lowest price was $2.55 at Costco.

Costco warehouse stores sell their gas only to members. Modesto’s next-lowest price, available to the general public, was $2.59, at Arco stations on West Orangeburg Avenue, Yosemite Boulevard, Crows Landing Road and North Carpenter Road. …

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  1. THE CAPTIVE says

    Being of the low-income I do not drive much and of course try as much as possible not to contribute to the tyranny of Jerry Brown’s corrupt -and much Gerrymandered government as they continually attack the CONSTITUTION. All the criminals love it here -the illegals and the TERRORISTS that pass as Mexican. There is a lot of difference in islam and Mexican. Then there are the drug-mafia etc. so Brown has a lot of criminal ilk backing him. The Assembly is also in the company of criminals as we see from them being called out on their behavior that sacks the taxpayers so they can use what was once state infrastructure improvements as robbery for self enrichment. Brown thinks he’s doing good but he’s nothing but a bad ,bad boy and deserves a trial just as BHO deserves a trial for extreme misconduct. It is SICKENING!

  2. Bogiewheel says

    These prices are for forty dollars a barrel for oil. There’s a big push ahead on the global market for seventy or one-hundred dollar a barrel oil. Watch the hair pulling and screaming if this occurs. I have a sneaky
    feeling the cabal in Sacramento was on to this because some taxes are based on a percentage curve.

  3. True Teacher says

    I am trying to get the tax repealed but people won’t sign the petition. They are apathetic, clueless, and ripe for the picking.

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