Why does California’s power grid keep flirting with disaster?

California was forced to take desperate measures over Labor Day weekend to keep the lights on.

Less than a month after the state experienced its first rolling blackouts in nearly two decades, officials again urged residents to use less electricity during the late afternoon and into the evening as extreme heat, fueled by the climate crisis, baked the West.

California needed all the conservation it could get as out-of-control fires, also worsened by global warming, rendered some power plants useless. Flames knocked out transmission lines and generators from the Sierra Nevada to the San Diego backcountry.

Just like last month, Californians responded in force, using far less energy than predicted. Electric utilities turned to their Western neighbors for extra power supply. The Trump administration granted an emergency request from state officials to allow three Los Angeles-area gas plants to produce more electricity than federal pollution permits would normally allow. …

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  1. Richard Cathcart says

    CA Green-dedicated governments (in Sacramento, SF and LA especially) have bankrupted PG&E because its transmission lines caused a few wildfires. Green political dominance and closed oil, natural gas and nuclear power-plants Statewide. What’s their true intent? I suggest we take a cue from their pronouncements about the BLM riots: quite considerable talk in the mainstream news media of a future West Coast secession from the USA. Supposing that political severance took place–literally–then the Greens would need to cut the transmission lines for CA’s imported electricity from Red States to the East. Meaning, perhaps, that the CA Green fixation/obsession on wind and solar, permanent importation of IMPORTED fossil fuel energy, will have to be the foundation of any Statewide power grid. In other words, the State of California (possibly even Oregon and Washington states too) will become, structurally and practically, a mere geo-political enclave of China and other Asian nations.

  2. I find their idea for using a million batteries for back up silly. I live on a boat and I am powered by batteries and with shore power to keep them charged they only last about 3 years and nobody offers a warranty of over a year and these are basic car batteries If you use some fancy longer lived battery it may last longer but it will cost a whole lot more also

  3. California is the POSTER CHILD FOR THE DEMOCRAPS GREEN NEW DEAL…The Democraps and MOONBEAM JERRY BROWN uses taxpayer dollars to have their friends built Windmill turbine generators in area’s that DON’T HAVE WIND TO TURN THEM..San Onofre nuclear power plant was shutdown by LIBERAL LOONIES SO THE STATE NOW WILL HAVE ROLLING BLACKOUTS AND THE DEMOCRAPS TELL THEM TO GET USE TO IT…Don’t use your AC from 4-9 ARE WE WILL CHARGE YOU UP THE YOU KNOW WHAT…democraps in california SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK

  4. The smart people are fleeing the State. I would too but am too old!!!

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