Congressman McClintock on HR 822 Concealed Carry Gun Bill

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  1. KUDOS to Representative Tom McClintock for a well reasoned position in favor of HR 822. We need more Patriotic elected officials who follow the Constitution that this country was founded on.

    • He, like so many others who voted for HR 822, are so very wrong. This just opens the way for a National database of people who have c/c permits that Liberals like Eric Holder can access and use to target those with c/c permits. Little by little they are going to try to subvert the 2nd ammendment, and HR 822 is just one more step in that direction. Why do they call it common sense when it is sooooo uncommon???

  2. Mr. McClintock, you speak the truth, you definitely got my vote what ever you running for in office. I Agreed, every responsible citizen that been train have the knowledge and know the responsibility of the safety of a firearm should be allow to apply for a concealed weapon and have the ability to carry to every state without being harassed by police officer, exception of a secured place like airport, court building and federal property and etc. I hope they will pass the HR 822 and sign to law before the end of 2011. It really stupid to chose what county in California to have access to a concealed permit, if one county issue, it only right to make it state wide. I don’t just want to moved to san Diego county or Fresno city to apply for one, I should be able to get one from my home city. Thank you Mr. McClinktock and those who support the HR 822.

  3. Thank you Mr. McClintock…thank you for trying and I hope that you are successful. Last May a bunch of us rode our motorcycles to the California border after going to Lake Havasu for a while. We all carry and we all have our CC license from Texas. One guy asked us if we were coming in and we looked at him and said no. He said why not, so we told him. We are all packing weapons and we are not taking them off just to go see your State. We turned around and went back to Kingman, then on up to Boulder City for the night. I have not had to use my weapon for any problems, but being 65 years old now…I am too old to knock heads like I use to do in my younger days. If a situation occurs, I will hold whoever(s) there until the police arrive. Again…lete me say THANK YOU for your efforts and please call upon me if I can do anything for you.

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