Holder At “Fast & Furious” Hearing: The GOP House Kept Us “In The Dark”

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  1. reginald zenkewich says

    What a coward to blame the GOP when he is in charge and responsible for it all and Obamanation too

  2. reginald zenkewich says

    With the Pres allowing illegals and Holder allowing guns to cross the border and now they blames the GOP for his responsibilities and his part in Fast and Furious and the lies get bigger and bigger. And when will the American People march on DC and demand the resignation or Impeachment of this Obozo?

  3. I read another article last week on the types of guns that the Justice department let walk to Mexico are not the type preferred by the drug cartel, especially 50 caliber and semi-automatic rifles.
    The DOJ let the type of guns walk that they would like to prohibit here.
    The article stated that the drug cartel prefers fully automatic weapons, and they can be purchased much cheaper ($100) on the black market.
    Obozo and friends missed again.
    And what about Holder’s previous denials that he had just learned about it a week or two ago? If Obozo is the Pinnochio of Pennsylvania Avenue, does this make Holder Geppetto? (“The GOP house kept us in the dark”)
    And how many times does someone have to lie to you before they become a liar???? And then to blame it on a “flawed” investigation!! WE deserve better than this administration!!!

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